Min: 01:30
Modern; Strings
Drama Score “Collector’s Item”

Min: 00:59
Classical; Piano, Strings

Min: 0:56
Electronica; Synthesizer, Percussion
Animation Score “A Film About a Pudding”

Min: 03:01
Romantic; Strings, Woodwinds, Horns, Vocals
Recorded at Angel Studios, London

Min: 01:28
Horror, Gothic; Strings, Percussion, Synthesizer
Drama Score “Requiem”

Min: 02:05
Cello Ensemble
Documentary Score “Unstoppable”

Min: 02:44
Contemporary Classical; Piano, Electronics
Documentary Score “Alt Er Nu” (All Is Now)

Min: 01:06
Mystery; Ambient, Strings, Singing Bowl
Drama Score “Requiem”

Min: 01:18
Electronica; Synthesizer, Ambient, Beat
Fashion Film Score

Min: 01:45
Electronica; Synthesizer, Strings, Percussion
Science Documentary Score “In The Loop”

Min: 0:56
Thriller; Ambient, Strings, Synthesizer
Drama Score “Waves”

Min: 01:06
Nostalgia; Synthesizer, Orchestral
Drama Score “princess”

Min: 00:33
Techno; Drums, Synthesizer
Animation Score

Min: 01:27
Tragedy; String Quartet
Drama Score “As Seen: The Passion of Phil Smith”

Min: 01:26
Inspiring; Flute, Orchestral
Wildlife Documentary “The Flying Gold of Arabuko”

Min: 02:20
Horror, Gothic; Vocals, Strings, Ambient
Drama Score “Requiem”

Min: 01:23
Horror; Vocals, Singing Bowl
Drama Score “Requiem”

Min: 01:30
Folk; Violin Trio
Documentary Score “And Then I Met Erich”